About "John And Barbara - Anatomy"

About "John And Barbara - Anatomy"

The project "John And Barbara - Anatomy" is featured on The Eye of Photography and The Leica Camera Blog.

“John And Barbara – Anatomy” is a conceptual photography project where John and Barbara communicate solely through passive aggressive art installations. These artworks John and Barbara each offer, form a call and answer where control is the subtext of the art.

This ‘conversation’ takes place between the two protagonists using unsettling themes to convey a difficult topic – a relationship where each partner vies for dominance. Such a dynamic will always result in one rival, possibly both, being damaged.

The use of anatomy in each of the works, at first sight may be unnerving, but is representative of how small details of one’s opponent, as John and Barbara are opponents here, are homed in on as potential weaknesses.

Parts of the story of John And Barbara are semi-autobiographical, therefore such a portrayal is not only challenging to narrate as a photographer, but is also rewarding, possibly cathartic. John and Barbara exist as fragments of my experience.